8 Tips for Sticking to your Health and Fitness Goals


I am just over one month into 2016 and already finding the balance has been tricky. Work has taken over, the gym has been missed multiple times, I have been going to bed late and, well, it’s been all over the place because lack of sleep = bad eating and the cycle is ongoing. Luckily I have been using WW Your Way  for the last two months and resources to help keep me on track. Here are eight tips which have helped me stick to plan and get that balance back.

  1. Swap out those treats – There once was a day when I used to reward myself with chocolate bars and frozen Cokes when I met my mini goals, work goals, or anything really. Now I have a new plan and reward myself with positive treats. This week I picked up a copy of the latest WW Magazine loaded with new recipes to try.
  2. Booking in ‘me’ time – I discovered I was actually booking up all of my time with other things and was starting to roll home at 10pm, tired and without fitting in any ME time during the day, not to mention making no time for working out. So to help out, I have started booking workouts in my calendar. I love working out and just feel rotten if I miss a few days so this was the answer. I even booked a PT session with a trainer on Monday mornings to start my week off right.
  3. A Fitbit –During the day, it can be really easy to forget about your goals. Something important might pop up or you might get a little distracted. Wearing some smart technology like a Fitbit is perfect to track your movements or get those reminders that perhaps you’ve been sitting down a little too long. Plus it connects to your WW account.
  4. Read Oprah’s blog – Did you know that Oprah does WW?Well she does and sometimes I check it out. She has thousands of tips and tricks and sometimes seeing a tweet by her lifts my motivation. I mean, it’s Oprah!
  5. Write those goals down – At the start of 2016, I got a calendar and wrote my goals down. The calendar sits behind my door and I see it every day. Even though it is a small reminder, all these little things add up.
  6. Make it a date – I have been trying to naturally integrate exercise into my lifestyle and sometimes it is those little things that add up. Meeting a friend for a walk rather than brunch or a dinner and a movie date means we are taking a walk then hitting the movie, or going for a movie followed by a walk and a talk. Ideal really.
  7. Refresh, refresh, refresh – Don’t let it get stale. Login weekly to the WW website and make sure you’re treating the nutrition plans like the bible. Find new snacks and keep it fresh and exciting. Try a new recipe weekly. Immerse yourself.
  8. If you need a little extra support or would just like to get a dose of inspiration from people on the same journey, go to your local Group Coaching meeting. Online members can now visit a meeting for $21.90 for support throughout the Your Way Start that process and make it an ongoing habit. If motivation is low, this will pick you up and get you back on track. I have found it useful to talk my goals through with someone else and keep it on track.

The key message from me really is to keep your goals in the back of your mind and remember all the small things do add up.

Don’t stress yourself if you’re not on track. Recognise and get back into it. WW Your Way is designed with us in mind. If you need someone to talk to, online Coaches are there, and so are recipes, workouts and community groups. There is always someone to help.

Do you have any tips to share with me?

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl

Photo for ilabb Women by Haley Guilford Photographer