Love of the Week: YMCA City Fitness


I joined YMCA City Fitness Auckland City and talk about #MotivationMonday. This year I have been working hard to push myself, find my balance and motivate myself. I have been trying all sorts of things from PT sessions, boxing, fitness programs, goal apps to buying new gym gear. YMCA invited me to try out their gym and I jumped on the chance. There is alot to be said for a new enviroment. I have new classes to try, new equipment to explore. I am excited.

YMCA City Fitness in the heart of Auckland City has some serious #Goodvibes - In my first session I felt right and home, chatting to a girl in the changing rooms, warming up on the cross trainer and even taking part in a group HIT class.  I was there for an hour and a half and left with a smile on my face. (I even called my mum to tell her how much fun I had)  I laughed, I smiled and I had a hell of a good time!

Cardio area

What I couldn't get over most was the attitude and the awesome people. Sarah at reception was so friendly and helpful, my new trainer Yhodie is awesome and the Centre Manager David was so helpful in ensuring I kept up in his HIT Class and had everything I needed.

The YMCA Auckland City has over 15 classes to choose from and I am kinda keen to try a few! I already have myself booked into Yhodie's class on Thursday following a PT session! I am so excited.

Stay tuned as I am sure there will be plenty of selfies on social and progress updates. My new found addiction to fitness is not going anywhere soon - especially not now that I have a new playground to play in!

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl