A Fitness Tracker To Record Shark Week?! + Fitbit Versa Review


I am a Modern Girl in so many ways. I am also the dream client when I visit my physio, doctor or nutritionist because I record everything AND I mean everything. From the amount of water, I drink through to my time of the month. I have an app for everything. One app I do use daily is Fitbit. Even if you are not wearing a tracker then the fact you can record water intake, weight and food are enough to get you started. This year sees some changes to the Fitbit App which makes it more complete.

Shortly (May 2018) you will be able to use the Fitbit app to Log your period, record symptoms, gauge your estimated fertile window, get predictions on future periods.

In May 2018, all Fitbit users who have identified themselves as a female in their Fitbit profile will receive a notification that female health tracking is available. You can choose to opt-in and complete onboarding, or simply opt out. If you don’t identify as female but still want to use this feature, then no worries! Simply tap “Edit” at the bottom of your Fitbit mobile dashboard and then add the female health tracking tile.

Another move from Fitbit is the new Fitbit Versa.

It’s a simplified, GPS-free, less expensive version of the Ionic watch and in my opinion is better, better for me anyway! I love the Alta HR but this guy, The Fitbit Versa Smartwatch is my new love. 

For me, as an avid Apple Watch user, it is hard to jump back but in saying that when wearing my Versa I was reminded why I love Fitbit so fondly. The four-day battery is a dream, and those sleep insights are crucial for me.  In fact, even when wearing my Apple Watch my Fitbit Flex also took pride of place on my wrist! The Versa is the answer to my problems.

It fits sleek on my wrist, it is stylish, not bulky and is super versatile. One of the most beautiful aspects of the Versa’s design is how light it is and how flat it lies against the wrist. In fact, the watch bands taper downward specifically for comfort. The watch comes in black, silver, and rose gold and of course, I went for Rose Gold.

The Fitbit Versa is versatile in so many ways. It is also super easy to use.  With the Versa, the watch’s interface has been redesigned a little bit to give wearers even easier access to their daily step count, heart rate data, and exercise logs. You can view it all at a glance. Something which appeals to me big time.

The Versa, of course, tracks everything you would expect a Fitbit to track. Steps, Calories, Sleep, Heart Rate. The list goes on. I, of course, tested it verses my Apple Watch, and what the treadmill counted (Yes I was a dork with two watches) and they all pretty much landed on the same number, with the watches more accurately recording Calories burnt thanks to my rising heart rate. I was pretty happy.

One of Fitbit’s selling points has always been that its devices are compatible with different operating systems, and the same is true with the Versa. It pairs with iPhones, Android phones, even Windows phones. For me, that makes it a no-brainer. If you are on the fence about making a purchase, I always note that reselling the item is super easy.

There are so many wins with the Fitbit Versa, and for me, it is leaps ahead than the Iconic. The Iconic is perfect for my father, and he loves it, but the Versa is more Versatile (Yes that word again). I felt it suited me better, was more delicate, more Modern Girl (or guy).

Let me know if you do check it out! I know my girl Alana has one already and she too loves it!

The Modern Girl

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