Hannah Goes Shopping - Merchant 1948 / Mi Piaci AW18 Sneak Peek


It's not every day you have free rein at a store! Let alone a shoe store! When I got the opportunity to check out Merchant 1948 and Mi Piaci AW18 I jumped at the chance.  I am lucky enough as a blogger to do these things. To have free rein in a shore store as well as talking with those faces behind the scenes. This enables me to get to know the brands on a deeper level but also to get some inside views on the process and get a different point of view. 

What I discovered was something interesting, I had personally stopped shopping. By that I mean taking the time to touch, feel, look and discover what is in store. To try on things I have not, or will not normally try.

At Merchant 1948 and Mi Piaci AW18 I found myself trying on thigh-high boots, something I have never done. At Mi Piaci I tried on booties (The Soho Ankle Boot), after saying "I would never wear those" well I was wrong, I want some now. They made my legs look longer and slim.

I felt Elevated and Empowered. 

The latest range from Mi Piaci is titled "Elevate, Empower". It is informed by strong women, and the inspiration is woven throughout the diverse spectrum of footwear they have designed. Trying on all these different designs left me empowered. I loved it. 

For Merchant 1984 it was all about "The Journey" something else I went on while in store. A journey of styles, textures, shapes and sizes. There truly was something for everyone and after talking with Hannah the buyer it was very clear that every New Zealand Woman was thought about and included in this range. 


So the purpose of this blog post?

To encourage you to go instore, to try on shoes, talk to the staff, question and push yourself. You, like me might find out you actually should be wearing sock heels because they look amazing! 

The Modern Girl