Across My Desk - New Beauty Things This August

So much goodness has come across my desk this August, SOME SERIOUS STUFF, and me being me, well I want to give more context than just an Instagram story, so here I am wrapping up the things I have tried this August, and how I feel about them!

August kinda get’s to be renamed Beauty Items because I had so much beauty news I wasn’t sure where to start! 

Here are the new things across my desk this August

Tarte Cosmetics now in New Zealand

When this package arrived I died of excitement. Tarte is a brand I love! They are cruelty-free and each trip to Coachella I would go to Sephora and pick up something from Tarte. Of course, now that Sephora is here, so is Tarte and I couldn’t be happier! Stand out items include ‘Shape Tape’ and I am obsessed with the lipsticks!

Dyson Hair now in New Zealand

Another, thanks to Sephora, but now we can finally get our hands on Dyson Hair products and for that, I praise the lord! I was gifted the Super Sonic Dyson Hairdryer and it is AMAZING. Super lightweight, dries my hair faster and is superior. Intelligent heat control (measures air temperature 20 times a second) which means no extreme heat damage and protects natural shine, and Re-engineered to include attachments for different hair types. So there is a re-engineered styling concentrator which is wider and thinner for increased precision. There is a re-engineered diffuser with even diffusion to help define and reduce frizz and there is a new gentle dryer attachment, for 20 degrees cooler temperatures and 4x amplified airflow for faster drying of sensitive hair and scalps. 



Essano has come out with more items to naturally boost collagen production. Joining the top preforming essano Collagen Repair Night Creme and Collagen Repair Serum are the new Dry Creme, Facial Oil, Overnight mask and eye cream - all with clinically proven ingredients. essano - with another brand I love ByNature are both all about using natural products at affordable prices. You can get these brands at Countdown, New World, PaknSave and The Warehouse. If you are not sure I would pick up the essano collagen boost Natural Skincare Pack - it has three items at a trial price.



Shiseido is busting out the new products and this makes me rather excited.

In July came out the new Shiseido Eye Power Infusing Eye Concentrate -Now i have been told i have been looking tired recently so im keen to give this guy ago, after all, the eyes really do show our age. This eye treatment is said to reduce the effects of friction by 30% Counteracting damage and the signs of aging which come from rubbing of the eyes or makeup removal. In a study done by Shiseido 98% of woman felt the product made the eye area look healthier.

Also new - from August the 2nd is the Beneficence Wrinkle Smoothing Eye Cream and Contour Serum. This is adding two new products to the Beneficence range. Of course Shiseido tested these products and after just one week more than 80% noticed their skin was more supple and elastic. This was for woman aged 41-65.

The product that interested me the most? Was the Complete Cleansing Micro-foam (already on my bathroom counter) and the Revitalising Treatment Softener. These are about preparing your skin for skincare. The Compete Cleansing Micro-foam is created using Japanese Mineral Spring water and a complex blend of ingredients and is a do it all when it comes to removing makeup and cleansing away the day. The Revitalizing Treatment Softener is to help boost the skin and to be applied morning and evening after cleansing.

What is new across your desk? (Provided you online shop and it arrives at work)

Hannah x