Hannah's Beauty Haul - The Beauty Collective


I love beauty items. They are bright colourful, and at times can be super affordable, or overly luxurious. The best feeling is when you find that magic fit and then you keep looking in the mirror and saying “Damn I’ve finally nailed that Foundation”...those are true wins. I have been spoilt by the team at The Beauty Collective and have a wee haul. Who doesn’t love a haul! I'm going to talk through them all!


I am obsessed with the crystal box at MECCA but im not in love with the price. The Tender Love + Carry ones start from $18.95 and come in three colourways, Noir, silver and blush. What I love about these is how quickly you can see everything and of course how pretty it is. I'm off to the back next weekend so will be popping everything I need in here. For longer trips I have the Tender Love + Carry Blush Stardust - Hanging Washbag. It is a classic design that folds out flat for easy packing and hangs neatly for when travelling. It features two large transparent pockets making cosmetics easy to find and stay organised. There is an extra sleeve inside useful for securing loose items. It's on the bigger side for me however, I think it will be ideal for my two week trip to Bali later in the year.


When I first started buying brushes I went for simple plan black, adding to my collection with the Simply Essential Luxe Marble Range I was brought back to the concept that makeup is about having fun. Not only do these brushes look AMAZING in my bathroom, they are great quality too. I have the pro series as well and I seriously have to ask myself why I buy MAC Brushes because these guys are ⅓ the price and last just as long.


This haul was my first ever time trying the brand Skin Physics. A brand that combines science and nature and is awarded internationally and proven to work.

I was most excited to give the Masks ago, in particular, the Dragon’s Blood Soothing Gel Mask - not as scary as it sounds. T\his hydration quenching Gel mask produces a facial lift after 30 mins of use. The mask is infused with the Natural rejuvenating power of Dragons Blood Extract (from the Amazon) that has multiple benefits, anti-wrinkle, anti-oxidant, anti-pollution, nourishing moisturiser and soothing barrier protection. The mask also features the natural healing power of a Multi-Herbal Complex (from Asia) of 7 plant extracts that has amazing visible effects on reducing dryness, itching, dryness, redness, scaling to significantly calm and soothe skin. I saved this mask for post CrossFit and it was a treat. This is the type of mask I would pick up before heading on a flight.

Furthermore, I was equally as excited to use the Dragons Blood Facial Sculpting Gel, It is what Grazia Magazine calls “A Liquid Face-lifter’ and that pretty much sums it up! You apply it morning and night before your regular moisturiser and over time your skin appears smoother, re-volumised and more “loved”

So there you have it, my wee haul! Please let me know on Facebook or Instagram what is on your beauty wish list next!

Hannah xx