Beauty Review: Snowberry - Gentle Cleanse & Tone


Over the last month, I have been reviewing the Snowberry Gentle Cleanse & Tone Cleanser.  This cleanser is a soft-foam cleanser which tones and replenishes the skin but without being aggressive and striping the skins natural barrier. Snowberry was founded by Soraya Hendesi to provide authentic skincare. It uses plant-based ingredients including native harakeke and is a premium New Zealand natural product, with a focus on incorporating the latest in scientific research. In 2015 Snowberry was the only one in the world to be invited to present its anti-wrinkle New Radiance Face Serum with Cu-PEP to the World Congress of Dermatology. This company is pretty impressive. I'm excited to say that over the next few months, I will be trialling a few different Snowberry Cleansers adding them into my current skincare routine. The Snowberry Gentle Cleanse & Tone Cleanser was the first that caught my eye due to its dual ability to and tone and because of its nourishing nature. I have found this cleanser ideal for first thing in the morning and following my gym sessions. Ideal also for those non-makeup days.


The Key ingredients consist of Kumquat Extract, known for being purifying. Kiwifruit which helps support healthy pH level as well as being packed with antioxidants.  Neem oil or Neem extract is included to help fight free radical damage in the skin, and Bark Extract, a branch chain amino acid that is a natural exfoliant and is used in many acne treatments because of its ability to help skin shed dead cells and clear pores.

Of course just as important is what Snowberry Gentle Cleanse & Tone does not contain. - No Petrochemicals, chemicals obtained from petroleum and natural gas, No Propylene or Butylene Glycol - an organic chemical knowing for creating colours.  No Volatile alcohols, No Artificial colours, No Silicones. In short no nasties and it is not tested on animals. Massive win!

At first, I didn’t love the packaging, however, the more I thought about it, the more I loved it. It is basic and clean it is no thrills and does the trick, much like the cleaner.

The Texture of the Gentle Cleanse & Tone Cleanser is creamy, similar to a conditioning shampoo perhaps more like a conditioner, it's soft and creamy and you just know it won't strip the skin. It felt like I was applying a mask to my skin, and washed off with ease. My skin was left clean, clear and crazy but I felt like I had used a gentle toner.


Overall, You won't see much foam, but your skin will love you for it. I felt like this left my skin feeling clean without feeling dry and overly tight. Before meeting Snowberry Gentle Cleanse & Tone, I was particularly bad at prewashing my face before the gym, now I feel and notice the importance of it.  It really was a two in one, with more refined pores and me feeling good pre-workout! Post workout I liked it as it made my gym bag lighter and less complicated with the two in one, cleanse and tone. I will be buying this again! 

Snowberry is available online here, or for a list of stockists click here. The Snowberry Gentle Cleanse & Tone has a New Zealand recommended price of $56 NZD.