XO Beauty Brushes by Shaanxo - My Review


XO Beauty is a New Zealand based company which has evolved from the success of Shannon Harris a popular beauty blogger known as Shaaanxo. over the last few weeks I have been putting XO Beauty Brushes to the test. They key to a good makeup application are the tools that you use. My personal brush collection is pretty impressive if I do say so myself! I have over 22 Mac Cosmetics brushes, 8 Bobbi Brown brushes, 4 Dior brushes and several from Manicare. I am the perfect candidate to try out and test make-up brushes. 

 XO Beauty brushes are priced from NZD$26 to NZD$100 are so far proving to be a bit hit with fans.  Here is my run down.

Initial Impressions 

The set arrived beautifully packaged and In plastic. The handles where tick and solid and the bristles nice and soft. I did notice an immediate smell which was slightly off-putting but I put this down to the fact they where brand new and haven't had a chance to air out like the brushes sold in department stores.

In use I really enjoyed the brushes and didn't experience any fall out which impressed me a lot. At first I found the handle big and clumpy however solid but I have gotten used to it. My favourite is the Flat Top Synthetic Face Brush which I have been using to apply my evening make-up. It really buffs the foundation in. I really put the brush through its paces. Using my own brute force I physically tried to rip some of the brushes apart but I just wasn't strong enough to even make a dent.

Overall I was impressed the were well made, I had no bristle fall out and they were easy to clean. For the price I would buy these brushes again. The original smell I was talking about, it fades real quick!

Shannon's XO Beauty Brushes by Shaaanxo also come in Limited Edition set's such as Tortoiseshell and a Vegan Rose Gold Brush Set. The XO Beauty Store also sells Highlighters, lipsticks and lashes. 

XO Beauty Brushes can be bought online at XO Beauty Shop, If you're on a budget the Flat Top Synthetic Face brush is my pick but for the value of money the kits are very well priced.

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl