TMG Meets Shannon Harris aka Shaaanxo


If you are into makeup and have stumbled across youtube for some advice then you most likely have stumbled across New Zealand Vlogger Shannon Harris or Shaaanxo  It's pretty impressive but this 20-year-old has over 230,000 subscribers! This being the case was super excited when she answered some questions for The Modern Girl.  What can you tell my readers about your vlog? Give them your best sales pitch.

I have a beauty channel on YouTube where I chat with my viewers and teach them how to apply makeup, and inform them on the products I have been loving.

Now tell them about you? When you're not vlogging what are you doing?

I’m 20 years old, and I live in Auckland with my boyfriend, some friends, and my puppy. I love to go to the gym and I love to go shopping. I also enjoy going to the beach with my boyfriend, going out and experiencing the night life with friends on the weekends, and to explore Auckland in general since its quite a new place to me.

Describe your personal style?

Quite simple and girly, if I try to add too many accessories to an outfit I feel overdone. I live in flip-flops as long through the year as I can.

If you could only wear one type of shoe for the rest of your life what would it be?

Flip flops!

What is your favourite garment in your wardrobe?

I love loose-fitting tops and skater skirts, so I would have to say my skirt from Dissh.

Fashion picks for 2013?

I don’t really follow fashion from the outside, I just buy what I see in shops… if and when I like or need it.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is the whole being of a person. Not just the outside, not just the inside, just everything about a person as well as the way they present themselves in the world. It’s also about feeling comfortable in their own skin. Some people love to wear makeup to achieve that, some people like to do their hair, some people like to dress nicely, and some people do none of this and still have confidence and beauty about them which I’m envious of.

Describe your beauty go to look?

In everyday life I don’t wear makeup always. If I’m in a tidy outfit I feel good with or without makeup. If I want to impress, I wear at least a BB cream and some mascara.

What beauty trends do you see for 2103?

Not really sure, I don’t follow trends in makeup. My viewers are very much an ‘average girl’ group, so I like to show my viewers how to achieve a typical wearable smoky eye or neutral look.

What's your must have desert island beauty product and why?

BB Cream. Its hydrating, and it protects me from the sun as well as makes my skin look pretty.

Shaaanxo's Youtube Channel.

What can you tell my readers about the future of your Vlog? Any plans or segments they should keep an eye out for?

More and more videos. I can’t wait until October so I can do another Halloween week like I did last year with fun SFX makeup.

Any Last words?

Thanks :)