Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Treatment - Review


Your hair is your number one accessory after a smile so my advice is to look after it. It can be tricky however, I have an array of hair products for shine, strength, heat protection and to control frizz. Fizz is the least of my hair worries with as at the moment I have over five different products fizzing out and taking up precious bathroom space. Over the last month, I put them all aside and tried the Miracle Hair Treatment by Eleven Australian. The Miracle Hair treatment is the go to product, it basically combined all the products I already used separately into one neat dosage. I put it through its paces in conditions that would test it out. The Miracle Hair Treatment is said to deliver eleven benefits to your hair. Firstly it promises to add shine, smoothness and softness and control frizz and flyaways. I did notice a difference in the smoothness compared to when I wasn't using the product.


The product also claimed to strengthen hair, prevent split ends, make hair more manageable, repair dry and damaged hair and enhance its natural body. I visited my hairdresser and well I didn't really need a cut. The damage to my ends was so minimal. When that happens I know it's down to my hair care products.

Finally, the product will help protect against heat styling and protect the hair colour with UVA and UVB Filters. As well as prevent sun and chlorine damage. I rocked this baby out several days that I hit the beach without a hat and my scalp didn't burn or go red. This was the biggest test for me and it passed with flying colours.


The Product itself was easy to use soaking right in on my towel dried ends. It didn't make my fine hair heavy and the smell was a suitable sweet coconutty smell that was a delight. The packaging was also great. The pump lid made it easy to use and gave the just the right amount. It can be easy to over use hair products so the pump was a bonus.

The Verdict: This product is a keeper. I know it works, it's easy to use and my bathroom is cleaner. It's a favorite.

Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Treatment has an RRP$32.00 and can be found in all good hair salons.