On Location - Custom Lane Auckland


Custom Lane made for the perfect destination for a few cocktails to get the night started. The new development by The Grand Mercure Auckland is inspired by cities like Melbourne and San Francisco. Custom Lane will help to get you started for the day and is also perfect for those after work social engagements.  From Wednesday to Friday, treat yourself to an excellent Orb coffee and a delectable Doornut doughnut. I plan on busing to work next week just so I can try one. From Maple and Bacon doughnuts to popcorn topped delights the options change regularly and have been pretty popular on Custom Lane.  

The cocktail menu is divided into four sections to suit a variety of tastes and moods: Clean and Fresh, Smoke and Spice, Sweet and Sour, and Rich and Decadent. The Flutter By cocktail is a must try and with Butterfly pea tea it was something I have never tried before. The bartenders at Custom Lane know their stuff. The Expresso martini was the best I had ever had, and that is from someone who doesn't like coffee

Renowned street artist Owen Dippie has lent a hand to the Lane with a spin on his tiki designs.Dippie’s piece was done using acrylic paint and a paintbrush and encompasses the entire 25-metre wall. The design is meant to represent New Zealand’s culture and is based off his previous tiki designs.

Photos all taken by Annupam Photography at Custom Lane and The Grand Mercure Auckland. Tan by Tan in the City, Nails by Nails by Bonnie Hu and hair and makeup by Grayson Coutts

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