Ditching my IUD for the Daysy Fertility Tracker - 80 Days In

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It has been 80 days with the Daysy and I think it is time for an update!

I am anxious about disclosing so much of my personal life, but switching to Daysy was such a game changer for me and I really want to share that there are other options, in particular, more natural options. 

Now, a disclaimer,  I’m not a doctor and I can’t tell you what is best for your body and lifestyle! The following post is my personal experience that should be taken as information, and not personal medical advice.  It's also worth noting that I am I’m not anti-birth control. It’s a good tool for avoiding pregnancy and I have friends who love their IUD and suffer little side effects.  

Please do your research and be sure to meet with a doctor or health care provider you trust before making any changes to your medications. I saw my doctor and educated her on the Daysy and she was thrilled that I knew my stuff.  She was also confident that I fit the profile for it -  being in an established long-term relationship, turning 30, and content if It did all turn to custard and I fell pregnant, I was content BIG STATEMENT. 

After 13 years being on conceptive such as the Pill or more recently an IUD Mirena, I am putting my health and mind first and using the hormone free Daysy Fertility Tracker as my contraceptive. I have spent hours researching it and with a 99.4% accuracy, I am giving it my all. You can read more about the Daysy here - https://themoderngirl.com/blog/daysy-fertility-tracker

This is my journey and a wee review on this Modern Device for a Modern Girl. I am 80 days in and so far! Im a happy girl.

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The first week was hard and I shared some of that journey here, I had some surprising side effects! But most importantly with the Daysy and not being on hormonal birth control i have learn’t much about my body.

Pros of the Daysy

  • It is easy, no prescriptions to arrange or appointments to book

  • It is my body doing what nature intended it to do

  • I am working on balancing my hormones and this is easier now I don’t have any artifical hormones playing into it.

  • It just requires I take my temperature every morning

  • Having real periods! They are heavier but shorter and I love my body for doing it’s thing

  • Body Love

Cons of the Daysy

  • Remembering to take my temperature every morning has been challenging. I have missed 24/82 measurements but I am getting better

  • Initial lump sum purchase payment

  • Trust - I am nervous about it, but I have to trust the process and the accuracy of the Daysy.

  • Scared I am going to break the thing!

So far, so good. I am happy, personally I feel more stable. I did have a few rough patches they call the ‘Mirena Crash’ where I had mood swings and depression but seeing the light at the end of the tunnel makes me so happy I am keeping my body natural.

I love my Daysy and maybe it is my best decision of 2018 but let’s see how we go in another 2 months!

Daysy Discount Code

If you are interested in checking out the Daysy and have fully researched it and want to take it further, I have teamed up with them to provide a discount code of 5% use MODERNGIRL at http://www.daysy.com.au/ and you are good to go! I brought my own with this discount code and if you use it I do get a commission (I always like to disclose this stuff, no tricks here)  I'm grateful for this code too! as this device isn't cheap but if you add it up it's the same or just as much as seeing your doctor and other methods of conception. Plus, it's health for me!

Any questions let me know, I'm no expert but I am excited to share my experience.