Salon Love - Dry & Tea Auckland


Dry & Tea opened in 2012 in in New Market, Auckland and has now grown to have three salons across Auckland and one in Victoria, Australia.  I often need to get my hair done on the regular for events and on a budget. A salon which deals with blow waves and Up and Out's was perfect.  The Dry & Tea Signature Looks Menu was all about making your visit easy. Simply walk in, browse our Signature Menu of fabulous, on-trend looks, choose your favorite and away we go. 

Truth be told, I'm not the best with my hair and didn't need any stress come to Fashion Week. I wanted to feel 100% and getting a blow wave seemed to be the answer. With the first show being at midday I ideally wanted my hair complete by 10:30 am. Here was the problem: Hair salons opened at 10 am. Luckily for me, I came across Dry & Tea, a blow wave bar and tea house which opened from 7:30 am. I booked in for a blow wave immediately.

I was greeted and taken to a seat in this very welcoming salon with a beautiful courtyard. I  brought some water and a sample of their tea of the week. My blow wave with wash was number one on the menu and came to forty dollars - fifty dollars, such great value. My hair was washed and then blown into loose curls for the first day at Fashion Week. I booked in for the following day without hesitation.

As the week went on, I decided to try something different and booked for the 'Up and Out' a simple up do. I took my hair doughnut in and wanted a simple bun.  I couldn't bear the thought of spending hours trying to re-juggle my hair doughnut and even though they are easy I wasn't keen to risk it.

Sunny my stylist asked me if I wanted more, a braid to add to the mix, of course, I said yes. I loved the style, and it was Up and Out which is exactly what I needed at 8 am. After a day of compliments and photo opportunities, I quickly booked online for Thursday. Here I opted for a Halo plait and loved it.

Hair doesn't need to be stressful so live a little and let someone else do the hard work for a change.

Dry & Tea also offer makeup services, a full hair menu - if you want a cut or a colour and nail treatments. If you want to find out more and look at their extensive menu, I suggest you do so at just don't blame me if you get addicted!


The Modern Girl