Fashion Crime - Is Wearing Tights as Pants A Fashion Mistake?


A pet hate of mine is girls wearing tights as pants when they shouldn't be.  Tights, also known as pantyhose are defined by me as a one-piece clinging garment covering the body from the waist to the feet, worn by women in place of stockings. Leggings also fall under this category as they are a subset of tights. Tights are commonly worn by ballet dancers, Yoga enthusiasts and small childrenwho's parents shop at Pumpkin Patch (I used to wear tights daily as a wee child). In my wardrobe tights, are an undergarment. ONLY.

What is recently happening is that designers are making a pant similar to tights and this has been watered down to a point now where people are wearing tights as pants. This is becoming increasingly concerning because tights can be very unforgiving and unless you're a model you are not going to look good in them.

Here are my reasons not to wear Tights as Pants:

1. You cannot wear pretty underwear it needs to be seamless nanny knickers.

2. They look ugly

3. Camel Toe

4. It shows all the bumps, bulges, and cottage cheese.

5.  Legging as pants are not slimming

Even in the best of all worlds, Tights or leggings as pants have the opposite effect from how they seem to be intended. Rather than making you look sleek and hot they actually accent flaws whilst leaving nothing to the imagination. It's just one of those items that only a model can pull off and even then sometimes it's a miss. 

Another thing I am noticing are workout tights, or yoga tights being worn as brunch pants. I'm not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, I feel like your workout should make you sweat, sweat to the point that you need to race home and change - not sit in a cafe in your sweat. On the other hand wearing exercise pants to brunch might encourage healthy eating behaviors

If I see you wearing tights as pants, and you look amazing well then I will congratulate you! but don't even try, 10 times out of 10 you will look horrible.


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