Speak Now World Tour with Taylor Swift


Tonight I was lucky to see Taylor Swift performing on her Speak Now Tour at Auckland's Vector Arena.  This, however, was not your usual concert but more of a performance or a show of sorts. The opening song Sparks Fly merely set the tone,  Aerial artists, various dancers, and fireworks were all rolled out onto the red velvet curtained stage, and this was just the beginning. The crowd was loving every moment. Taylor Swift's first interaction with the Auckland crowd was simple, "Hi Auckland, I'm Taylor." The crowds were eating out of her hands, and she seemed to be loving every minute, often stopping in awe to take in the crowd.

The stage was transformed to a country prairie with cute Taylor Swift popping out from nowhere (a secret trap door) moving right into The Story of Us she then played my favorite Mean. The stage then advanced again to a bridge with falling confetti snow as Taylor belted out the hit Back to December.

Speak Now was next up and Taylor made her way slowly through the audience to the back of Vector Arena thanking fans along the way - I was a lucky fan. A tree came down from the sky and made the perfect backdrop for three beautiful songs for the fans at the back. She disused with the audience about her song Ours before playing it beautifully.

She made her way back to the main stage with You Belong With Me enticing the audience to sing with her. Fortunately for my ears, this was the best audience singing I have ever heard and the two males either side of me also seemed to know some of the lyrics. She had won them over with her charm.

Dear John is another of my favorites, and she showed heart with this song. It clearly had meant to her. I also loved the surprise fireworks perfectly applied at the end. She also talked about how beautiful Auckland was and in then how beautiful the audience was. She dedicated the song Long Live to Auckland.

After further songs including her new song of the Hunger Games Soundtrack we were drawing to an end and of course love Story was left to last. This was amazing to watch unfold as she stepped into a Juliet balcony and circled the audience. More confetti flew everywhere.

Followed this was the thank you's and the bows just like you would get at the theater.

Everything combined made for a perfect performance which included the whole audience. It seemed as though each song was a chapter in a story each with a different scene and background, the stage evolving and surprises coming constantly. The backup dancers talented as they violin played, acted, and ballet danced through the show. There was a constant 'wow' feeling, and I could see it was not just from us. I loved the way Taylor took the time to take in the crowd, telling us how grateful she is. She was stunning on stage it was hard not to keep watching her.

The show I pretty impressive and I'm even considering going again (if possible! its sold out) and that would be a first.