Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch - A Review


Fitbit has announced the launch of the Fitbit Ionic. A smartwatch that gives you more. It is waterproof and claims to have a 4-day battery. It is Fitbit's first true smartwatch. The Ionic takes the best component parts from the Surge, Blaze and Charge 2 making the ultimate Fitbit.  First Impressions are that of excitement. Finally, something to rival my Apple Watch and still allowing me to stay club Fitbit. 

Fitbit Ionic Design:

It looks clean and sleek; my only initial concern is one watch face size. My wrist is it on the small size. Almost too small for the Fitbit Alta small straps.  The Fitbit Ionic is very comfortable and fits securely. This is likely down to a manufacturing technique the company calls nano-moulding technology,  the smartwatch fuses plastic and metal together in the watch body for a lighter design. It also means it curves slightly to hug your wrist, so no matter what you’re doing, you forget it’s even there. 

The screen is tough which is good because the last thing I wanna do is Kettlebell snatches and worry about my Fitbit screen. 

Fitbit Ionic Features: 

The Run Detect feature is something I am most excited about. The device is now clever enough to know if I'm taking a break and will automatically stop and start the tracking of my run! It does this for your swim or cycle too by sensing the status of your movement. If this isn't something you are down with then don't worry, you can turn it off. 

Great for swimmers one exciting feature is the dedicated swimming mode which Fitbit clams are more accurate than its competitors in accurately tracking laps. 

I took it for a run and loved how when I stopped at the lights it did too. This meant I was more likely to play it safe knowing my pace times wouldn't be affected so much. 

I love to the concept that now as an ASB Customer you can pay using the Fitbit Ionic. 

Fitbit Ionic Performance:

The standout is battery life. Obviously, this is dependent on how much you use it and how much you workout but not having to charge it every single night is an awesome effort.  I also didn't get any surprises in the middle of a workout as I knew the battery was going to last the distance. 

The screen is very bright and very clean as well which is a win. 

Overall I like it I do. The Fitbit Ionic is perfect if working out and moving more is a priority in your life. I think it is worth the money too; it is something you wear every day. 

Personally, the downfall for me is that it is only one size and it has limited accessories. Only time will see this improve. For me, I think I will go back to my Fitbit Alta HR.  Getting my steps, it is important to me. However, I noticed when clothing shopping and going on a date I took it off, the watch face was just too big for me personally. My dad, however, Is in love. Clear screen, durable, easy to use and he's stepping up a storm. 

The Fitbit Ionic retails at Noel Leeming for NZD 499. 

Go in, take a look and check it out - let me know what you think!

The Modern Girl