Jean Paul Gautier Scandal - A Fragrance Review


Jean-Paul Gaultier is a man who is not one to shy away from a bit of scandalous behaviour. This is the man that sent Madonna down the catwalk topless and created her iconic cone bra and housed his first ever fragrance within a Schiaparelli-inspired bodice, and then placed said bottle inside a tin can. His latest fragrance is aptly called Scandal.  Scandal is a new kind of fragrance for women: the elegant aura that it leaves in her wake is sullied by the Pigalle spirit beloved by Jean Paul Gaultier.

Scandal is designed to break all cliches offering something new and modern, yet at the same time powerful and elegant. 

The Notes

Top: Blood Orange and Grapefruit Heart: Honey and Gardenia Base: Patchouli 

So what does it smell like? 

In short rather fruity and soft. Not Scandalous as one would think. The honey note provides a new depth to the white floral accord, amping up the sweetness to create a gourmand that feels luxurious and exotic. You can discern the notes with honey and Patchouli jumping out. It is strong and develops over 4-6 hours.  It is not sickly sweet to my nose. 

The bottle: I love the bottle, and like the fragrance, it is unmatched and quality. The legs are solid, and my attention was drawn to it. It is both playful and cheeky. 

To me, Scandal is a younger fragrance. Powerful, yet sweet.

RRP Starting from $144 and is on the counter from October the 22nd. 

The Modern Girl

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