5 Fitness Hacks To Make Early Morning Starts At The Gym (More) Bearable


Monday and Wednesday mornings are hell for me. 5:30am I need to be at the gym ready to go. The trainer is waiting. Don't get me wrong I love it but when the alarm goes off at 4:40am I hate it and usually I snooze it till 5am and then there is a mad rush to make that morning gym session. I've come up with five hacks to make these morning starts a little more bearable.

  1. Prepack my gym bag the night before: This just reduces the risk of forgetting that all important bra. I also pop it in my car ready. It also means that if I decide to sleep over hitting the gym then I have to head down to my car and unpack everything which is almost more work then hitting the gym. I've basically trapped myself into going.
  2. Lay out my clothes: It's hard to roll out of bed and then try and find that one sports bra and top combo you want to wear because it's back day and you want to see your back muscles move. Think ahead and lay it out the night before. I don't recommend sleeping in your gym clothes because once you get to the gym you will feel sloppy - not the best way to start any day.
  3. The gym bag gets the good makeup: My Gym bag is prepackaged with most things so all I need to do is add a fresh towel, my clothes and I am good to go. My gym bag also features my favourite makeup items. Why? It's a way to reward my early morning starts and If I don't go to the gym then no - I cannot use it.
  4. Add frozen berries to your water bottle: The night before the gym I have been known to put a small handful of blueberries into my water jug and then into the freezer. In the morning I pull the berries and the empty water bottle out of the fridge add water and Im good to go! Fresh cold water which will last as long as your workout. The berries act like ice and they add some flavour which is a win win. I like to call it natures candy.
  5. Set not one but two alarms: The first one lets me know I have 15 more minutes to sleep, which makes me happy but also helps with the waking up process for when I really do need to get up. I also try and turn the lights on as soon as possible to make it easier.

Any other gym hacks to help a girl out?

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl

Photo by Crew.