Hannah Does Bikini - The Reasons Why


I've been super shy about sharing this goal with people. At this stage, It's really only my coach and my bestie Taash that knows what my end goal is. I have been training almost daily and the common response well I say "Today was leg day" Is "Why? You're not training for a comp?"  said with this look. Well, I'm doing it. I am going to compete in an IFBB Bikini Contest. What is an IFBB Bikini Contest? 

Interesting question and google couldn't help me answer it either. 😂 Basically, It is a type of women's bodybuilding where you a measured on your aesthetics. From my understanding, It's not as intense as figure and more about a booty.

Why Do I Want to compete? 

Originally I wanted to be strong. After a breakup, I felt weak. I hit the gym in order to feel strong, for me and it worked . Well right now I feel very strong and it's only getting better.

Goals Goals Goals. My boxing match taught me that I really respond well to an end goal. Knowing I was five weeks out from a boxing match made me kick ass it's the same with this. In March I wish to take the stage in a tiny bikini and I want to bring my best. I think that doing an IFBB Bikini Contest will also be the biggest challenge of my life I not only have to prep for a year I also have to master my nutrition, my muscles, and my mind combine that and everything else I have going on. It's a task.

I like the idea of competing. It sounds silly but I am really excited about getting my show heels and so forth. I used to compete in Equestrian when I was younger and the thrill of being on a stage and the prep and getting all dressed up. I miss it! It must be the Leo in me.

The one thing about this journey I am enjoying the most and another good reason for me to do it. Is how much I am learning. Not only about exercise but also about me! Every session is a challenge. To get that mind-muscle connection, to push past the pain, to get the technique correct down to the importance of protein. There is so much to learn it is a whole new world.

Why am I sharing this?

Well, I have been following lots of Bikini girls and I never see a starting point, I never see them when they look like me and it's disappointing me. Sometimes I worry I will never make the stage so I wanted to record my own starting point, something to look back on and hopefully something to encourage others.

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl