Five Beauty Appointments to Make Before You Travel


With my holiday just a week away those final preparations are starting to take place. Naturally I want to look my very best, and know that I am heading into this Summer holiday as the best possible Hannah I can be. Here are some of the final beauty appointments I have booked.

  1. Sort those brows  I am off to Loft Beauty Boutique to get my lashes tinted and my brows tinted and shaped - Okay so I do get this done month however this time these will be my holiday brows! Lisa is the best and I know my brows will be looking good.
  2. Holiday ready toes Beach days, sand and summer mean my toes will be out. A pedicure is the call of the day and I will also get a manicure too because why not! I am planning peach tones for both. HOT TIP - Make sure your toes are trimmed short before a long haul trip if you want your pedi and mani to last the distance.
  3. Lucious Lashes to die for Forget Mascara, I will be getting custom designed 'Coachella' lashes at Sydney Lashes the day before I travel. I visited Sydney Lashes a lot over the summer and she provided me with lashes that made me feel beautiful 24/7. Lashes which helped me be confident without makeup, which means confidence while I'm on the bach.
  4. Tan, Tan, Tan Short shorts and mini dresses mean I need a tan! Off to Tan in the City. Sure the tan will only last a week or so but it will be a good start, plus the confidence required to put on that bikini and get the holiday started.
  5. Braids  On the day of my flight I will be getting my hair braided. The stress of running around, the long haul flight, an afternoon in LA and then finally many hours later I will hit the bed. My hair get's greasy fast and the plane climate does not help. $30 is a small price to pay for some Kardashian like braids to keep me looking on form.

Is there anything I'm missing?

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl