My top 5 Travel Essentials


Next week I am away on holiday for five whole weeks! With my trip on my mind I have been thinking about my travel essentials, those must haves you need for any trip. These are the travel essentials I will be sorting for my trip to the United States.

  1. Travel Insurance Travel Insurance was one of those jobs I was putting off. However, travel insurance should be purchased the second those tickets are booked as it covers cancellations. Noticing that I was heading to Coachella, Worldcare suggested I take a look at the policy options on its new website, and in just a few clicks I was able to review and select a comprehensive package which is ideal for travel through the US (Worldcare kindly helped the Modern Girl out on this one). Worldcare also just won a Canstar Award for outstanding value travel insurance so it was a no-brainer. I feel so much better knowing that I am covered but fingers crossed my trip is smooth.
  1. Portable Power

    My mobile phone is acting as my camera, my maps, my friend finder - the works. The last thing I want is for it to run out of battery mid-snapchat of Elle Goulding singing at Coachella. As a backup I have my very own on the go charger, - it’s portable power. It will fit perfectly into handbag and I can whip it whenever I need it. Mine is Mophie and I picked it up from Noel Leeming but any good store should stock them.

  1. Headphone Adapter

    Pick one of these up as you leave the airport. Honestly you will thank me for it! It means you can use your usual headphones on the plane and not the cheap and nasty ones they provide you with. Thank me later.

  1. Fly 1 Above

    I would not travel without this product! It seems silly but making sure you are hydrated and rested on your flight over means the world of difference when you arrive at your destination. Fly1Above is magic water loaded with lots of key active ingredients such as Pycnogenol®, a natural bark extract, which is shown it to reduce the length of jet lag by 53.8%. It also helps with circulation, and has vitamins to assist you combat any bugs you might pick up. Traveling and flights are a killer so make sure you look after yourself.

  1. Microfibre Travel Towel

    No matter where you are traveling this towel will work wonders. Not only is it compact and space saving it also dries ultra fast. Forget about lugging around a damp heavy towel – just pack and go.

What Travel Essentials do you suggest I pack?

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl