5 Fun Travel Accessories For Your Next Trip


I am off to Coachella and well the states for five weeks next month. Packing has commenced and the essential items are sorted. But what about those fun items which a worth packing? Those travel accessories which just make life that much more fun? Here are 5 fun travel accessories I am making room for in my suitcase.

1. Sony’s new Extra Bass SRS-XB3 wireless speaker.

This product is so good it perhaps needs it’s own blog post. In short this guy will provide the tunes for my holiday and makes the ultimate travel accessory. The Sony Extra Bass SRS-XB3 wireless speaker will provide the tunes while we get ready for Coachella, while we lay on the beach in Miami and as we get ready to party in vegas. It has a long lasting battery and is water resistant so I know it will last the distance. It’s compact size also means it won't take up much room.

2. Fujifilm Instax camera

As far as travel accessories go the Instax camera makes for a great way to make new friends and keep those travel memories alive even after the trip has ended.  Talk about Instant satisfaction.  The Instax Mini 8 strap also makes for convenience so both hands are free and you can carry it with ease on your adventures.

3. A Mini Hair Straightener

Okay Okay, so this is a little vain but I want to look good! I mean these photos will be around forever and I want to look my very best. I don’t want to pack my GHD but this mini version will be just fine. In this case I have the Remington Straightini (Totes cute name!) Plus it was super affordable at $29.95 on special so no stress if I leave it in a hotel room.

4.. Kirstin Ash Fine Cactus Ring

Okay I really want this ring. I am not sure what it is but it would make the perfect travel token. It’s affordable too so I can take it with me and trust that all will be okay! Every time I look at it too I will be remembered of that time I was in the desert at Coachella, the sun shining and good times.

5. A Travel Blanket 

Planes can be cold, boring and well small. All I ever want to do is curl up and watch movies. This cute and compact Travel blanket from Flight 001 is a winner.

Any other suggestions as to what other travel accessories I should pack? 

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl

Image via Shuttlestock