Six Strange Ways I've saved Money This Week


If you're up to date with my life and the blog you might know that I recently lost my job. Things are not all bad. However, It has given me more time to focus on myself and build my own business. The only scary thing...where is my next pay coming from? With this in mind, I have been budgeting and coming up with some great ways in which to save money. Here are some strange ways I've saved some cash this week:

1.I got a $10 haircut

I tell no lies! And I was so scared for a good hour I didn;t move an inch. But, I needed a haircut - BAD! So I did some research and decided to give the Servilles Academy and whirl. It turns out my haircut was great and I love it. It was a strange experience for me, and I don't think I've ever spent less than $100 on a haircut before however this time it paid off.

2. Cheap Tuesdays 

High on my to-do list was brows! No, I am not high maintenance (I don't think I am anyway) I just hadn't had them done in over two months, and they needed some love. I did my research and some places like Lash Noir do cheaper deals on Tuesdays. Ask around as your local might lower the price for you if you choose to go in the morning over the evening

3. Trade for a Trade 

This week I traded one hour of Social Media Work for a bowl of pasta and one of my faves. Not gonna lie, but it was so worth it! A strange concept but it totally made sense to use my skills for wants.

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 6.28.17 pm

4. Home Made Uber driver 

I was Uber smart this week (excuse the pun) however when traveling. To the gym, the supermarket, etc. I asked my flatmates if they wanted to join - they don't have cars. Day one and the flatmates offered me cash. I was just doing my normal gym session however by fitting in with them I was earning cash to pay for my fuel and more. It was kind of strange for me, but it paid off.

5.  Hustled for the Coupons 

I checked my rewards cards. I have many. For the cinemas, airports cards, true rewards points, etc. It turns out that when money is an issue you might just find some surprise gems. I, for example, had two free movie tickets, enough Airpoints for a trip to Aussie (Not that I can afford to go anytime soon) and reward points which I turned into $50 Mobil Petrol Vouchers. Pretty good haul for the week right?

6. Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner 

Okay so this one had a time cost, but you never know what could happen. I spent half an hour entering contests online on Monday. It turns out I won a blender. Well, I don't need a blender. I have one already, so I popped it on TradeMe. I felt bad, but I needed the cash more. I turned nothing into something.

I clearly have too much time on my hands but it was fun, and I learnt a lot even if it is all a little strange.

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl

Photos by Green Chameleon / Cathryn Lavery