Five Reasons to Lose The Asshole in Your Life


We all have one. That one person we just can't shake AKA an Asshole. It could be that ex-boyfriend who cheated on you but wants you back or maybe that one relative who has to be negative about every. Little. Thing. You. Do. But for some reason you just can't let them go. Here are five good reasons to keep in the back of your mind. 1. Added value

Are they adding value to your life? Most likely no, so don't waste energy on them and let them go. Life is all about the added value.

2. Good vibes only

Pretty self-explanatory but life will always have haters but the thing is; they are only haters if we allow it. If we let them bother us. So step away from the haters and surround yourself with #goodvibesonly.

3. Less stress 

History tells me that the asshole provides, stress, drama and tears. Makes sense right? Urban Dictionary quotes an Asshole as "someone being arrogant, rude, obnoxious, or just a total dickhead". That doesn't sound like a good person so get rid of them and the problem seems to disappear.

4.  More YOU time

The second we stop wasting time on that person we have more time for ourselves, our goals, more time to Love yourself more (if that is possible)

I get it. You love that ex, you worry about them you care for them because you're a rad person with a good heart. But here's the thing, each time you worry about them your taking away time from worrying about you. Love yourself more. Put yourself first because let's face it they don't really care about you. Basically what I am trying to say is if the asshole is gone then you have more time for you.

5. More time for those who matter

That's right because you're now on longer hung up or wasting time with assholes, not only do you have more time for yourself you also have time to love those who love you. So basically more #goodvibes only.

Of course, it's easier said than done to lose that asshole you can't stop thinking about as you read this blog. Trust me I know. You are too nice but put yourself first and you will find you will be better for it.


Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl

Images via - Sergey Zolkin