Nine Things You Don't Know About Me


I've seen a few bloggers do this and I thought it could be quite freeing. As a blogger, I share only what I want. In some ways I paint a picture of a great life, shit sorted (usually) and it is all that I want to share. I thought sharing ten things about myself which are fresh and new might be interesting and a way to push myself to be more open. Here we go!

1. I have a navel piercing 

For some reason this surprises people and it seems to excite men. Like perhaps there is this bad girl side to me? Who knows.

2. I am a hopeless romantic 

My closest friends know that even though I am a happy single girl I really want a romantic love story. I have a few but I'm still without my Prince Charming. I believe in flowers, in men saving the day and mostly men being fearless when it comes to emotions.

3. I have credit card debt. 

Just don't get a credit card EVER. Even if you work for the bank (like I did) no credit card okay.

4.  I suffer from really high highs and really low lows.

For me there is rarely and In between. Therapists have told me I'm a highly sensitive person and that's cool. I wouldn't change me for the world.

5. I'm goal driven. 

Give me a goal and I will chase it. My life needs challenges, goals - especially around exercise. The boxing taught me that. Just saying I want a summer body doesn't work but saying "I want to compete in a Bikini contest March next year" yeah that gets me to the gym.

6. I suffer from depression and anxiety

I used to be ashamed of this but mostly ashamed because I took medication for it when in all fairness taking medication daily was and is the best choice for me. I was so much in my head I didn't trust myself. I employed a therapist and a nutritionist to combat it naturally but after a really bad month, I couldn't trust myself anymore so I saw the doctor. I'm grateful for it all because the person I am today is so strong and mature. I'm a #goodvibesonly kinda girl.

7. I'm brutally honest 

Like point number 6 has taught me I don't do games. I don't beat around the bush. That gives me anxiety. I would just rather subtlely tell the guy he's my crush and be rejected. Life's too short for games.

8. I can't go to sleep without watching tv first.

This is weird but it's true. It's my wind down process. Even after a night out and it's 2am I have to watch something, anything before I shut my eyes.

9. I'm awesome.

Despite all of the above,  I know I'm a cool chick. I have a massive heart, I don't play games and I'm passionate. I used to talk myself down but nope. Not anymore. In my own way, I'm awesome. Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl