Who I follow on Snapchat to Keep my Gym Gains Strong


I follow some interesting people on Snapchat; I'm not gonna lie, but mostly I follow some Bikini Athletics to keep my motivation rolling on all week. From watching their workouts to their food prep, I'm always learning, frowning and wanting. Here is who I follow on Snapchat:

Nikki Blackketter (nblackketter

I originally found this babe on YouTube, and I'm pretty sure I've seen every single video. Nikki is fun but she also as the body I'm after. Small waist, big booty. She makes me want hair extensions and lashes every other day but getting to see her highs and lows on Snapchat shows me she's real too.


Amanda Bucci (mandabucci) 

What excites me most about Amanda is that her Snapchat is a walking food diary. She shares every single meal. She reminds me that eating healthy and for gains can be fun and tasty, and she reminds me that even with a broken arm she gets the job done which leaves me with zero excuses.


Paige Hathaway (PHFIT)

I'm not too sure about Paige but what I do enjoy is watching her Snapchat videos of her workouts. She has a guy who follows her around and takes the videos, and it's great to see the movements or that we both have leg day on the same day.

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Joshua Hopkins (Jhopkins1986)

This is the only guy in the group but not only is Joshua, a total babe, but he has some amazing rants. Today he went on about starting the day right and how to goal set. He's my man crush everyday.


Sheena Jayne Fitness (Sheenajayne_fit)

Nothing is more powerful than having your coach on Snapchat. She will often send me and her bikini girls sneaky Snapchats, and they are my daily reminder of my goals. Her Snapchats are gold. 💪🏻


Snapchats a funny place and quite often people tell me that I motivate them with my Snapchats (probably because I only snap at the gym), but that's awesome.

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