Lets Talk Goals and The Tools That Help Keep Me Hustling


Hustle, verb, to obtain illicitly or by forceful action or best said by Young Jeezy "My hustle is nonstop. I never stop hustling" Like Young Jeezy, Kanye West and the alike I am hustling at the moment. Hustling for money, hustling for those goals aka a booty. I am hustling. Of course hustling ain't easy so I have a tool kit to help me stay on track. Here are these tools that keep me hustling.

  1. Asana  Life is cray and to-do lists can go on forever, be overwhelming and lead me to ask where do I start, or what does this note even mean. I use Asana. It is the ultimate in to-do lists and it links to your phone, iPad and laptop. You can add in reminders and sort by a number of ways including due date and timing. AND IT'S FREE.
  2. Productive  The Productive iPhone app is perfect for those mini goals like drink more water or aim to gym 5 times a week. It sets up daily reminders and it's pretty satisfying swiping a yes I did that. It helps build a habit. Currently, I aim to gym 5 times a week and do 30 mins of cardio twice weekly both goals are in productive.
  3. Snapchat  So this might seem silly but every morning as I brush my teeth I watch my Snapchat stories. Why does this motivate me and help me hustle? Well, I follow quite a few athletes on Snapchat and watching them get their cardio in, go to the gym, eat on point well that motivates me and helps me achieve my workout goals. I might write a blog post soon on who I follow and why.
  4. Wordpress App on My Phone...or you could use pages Okay so time is important and it may surprise you to know that I write lots of blog posts from the gym on the stationary bike. Luckily for me I have a WordPress app on my phone I use and then when I am next on my laptop, I check, I tidy and I publish. Not only am I taking advantage of when I'm most active mentally I am also keeping that blood pumping for longer - In fact this morning I got so lost in writing blog posts that I ended up being on the bike for 50 minutes...opps.
  5. Spotify  Music motivates me, it lifts my mood, it makes me smile. Spotify is a no brainer. I use it daily, multiple times a day.

So this is me. This is how I find my motivation, my hustle. What apps do you use? 

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl