Five Ways to Reach those Fitness Goals with Next Gen


I re-evaluated my fitness goals and decided to take a new approach on how to achieve them. I was getting stale and I really needed to mix up my routine.  Next Gen Auckland Domain seemed like a good fit and nothing could beat the high-end technology and facilities on offer. For me, there were so many pros so I said yes! Next Gen has not only allowed me to mix up my workouts but it has also allowed for a more active and fun-filled lifestyle with a pool, sauna and did I mention social events? Here are five ways you can reach your fitness goals with Next Gen The Pool - Or should I say pools! Next Gen actually has two pools, both heated. One is indoor and one is a rooftop pool. I don't think I have been in a pool for 'fitness' since I left school and the opportunity to swim in a pool created a new goal for me. It was also the perfect way to accompany a weights session.  At the end of the day, the Wet Spa area also helped me unwind before bed. Next Gen Auckland Domain boasts a Therapeutic spa, sauna and steam room. Cutting Edge Gym Equipment - At Next Gen the treadmills and the cardio equipment are all equipped with smart technology. You can connect to your Netflix and if you want to connect treadmills together with your friends. My flatmate's both go to Next Gen (We live 500metres away) so for us, we can end our workouts with a wee race. Loser does the dishes? Sounds like a plan to me.   

Tennis - Next Gen is home to 12 world class tennis courts and after my recent adventure with some tennis players at Next Gen I was keen to get back on the court! They have coaching and group programs available so if you are a little bored with your fitness goals and want to mix it up tennis is also an option.

The great opening hours - My old gym used to close at 7pm on a Sunday! Which for me was hard as on a Sunday, after meal prep I want to workout. I was really impressed with Next Gen Auckland Domain's opening hours particularly on a Sunday which they are open 7 am - 9 pm. Sometimes it's the small things that really make a difference.

Last but not least: The Gym. The open and spacious gym at Next Gen Auckland Domain features cutting edge cardio, resistance and functional fitness equipment. Gym instructors are also on-hand to guide your fitness experience and help you reach your goals and if you want you can book in with a personal trainer. As a new member, "The Next Step" helps you get your membership off to a great start with a series of free introductory welcome sessions across a range of club facilities and services to really get you kick started and on the way to reach those goals.

I am a self-proclaimed gym bunny and although I was a guest of Next Gen to review the club; all my opinions are my own. Next Gen Auckland Domain is more than just a gym, it is a health and lifestyle club and I truly felt at home. You can make an inquiry here about joining. Plus, if you join by the 28th of February 2017 you can enjoy the flexibility of a low commitment membership at no extra cost.

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