Sweet Dreams with Logan & Mason - How I Styled My Bedroom


As my days of flatting are behind me it was now time to design my own space, my apartment how I finally wanted it. For years I have owned a Logan & Mason duvet but when it came to decorating my latest bedroom I headed online to Logan & Mason NZ to refresh my look. I didn’t stop just at the duvet, their site also features linen, pillows, sheets as well as other items to complete the look.

The first thing I fell in love with was the Bowie Peach Square Cushion. The colour stood out to me with the framed edges in two-tone black and white fringing for the finishing touch. From then onwards I decided to base my look around this.

When considering the look of my room I also had to consider my existing items. My white walls, my black bedside tables with silver hints and my dark headboard and lamps.


With the cushion in mind, I headed to the duvet section. I was immediately taken with the Tri Copper Duvet Cover Set. I loved the fact it wasn’t too girly (I am now 28) and that it created texture. I also wanted to move away from whites as my walls are white and I am also known to eat chocolate in bed so I wanted to stay away from colors that would easily show marks. This Tri Copper Duvet Cover Set only required a cold gentle machine wash which suited my lifestyle perfectly.

To finish the look I wanted to look at throws. Logan & Mason had an extensive range, however with it currently being winter I went for the Baxter Black Fur Throw. Not only was it affordable but I knew it would match a cushion I already owned as well as tying in nicely with my side tables.

Finally, what is a new duvet without new bed sheets? The choice was hard here as I really wanted to mix it up with some more colour but considering the items I had already picked out, textures and colours white sheets really would be the most versatile choice. Logan & Mason NZ have exclusive bed sheets which can only be found online so of course, I went for those.

Let me know what you think of my new bedroom! And if you are looking on styling your room I have a few tips here

Finally, thank you, Logan & Mason, for your help in making my dream bedroom! Head to Logan & Mason NZ and sign up to get $10 off your first order! Even if it is just a cushion it can make a world of difference.

The Modern Girl