Body Brushing - Why you Should Start Dry Brushing and How to Do It


Body Brushing or dry brushing is exactly what it sounds like… brushing the skin in a particular pattern with a dry brush, usually before showering. In dry brushing, the skin is typically brushed toward the heart, starting at the feet and hands and brushing toward the chest.

You may be thinking, Why do I need to add something else to my already busy morning routine? Let me assure you, the extra five minutes this takes is well worth the time. Body Brushing has many potential benefits from a smoother skin surface to help with lymphatic drainage and once you have your body brush the process becomes free. 

What is a body brush? 

There are various types of body brushes from little hand-held designs to brushes with big handles. From my years of horse riding, I choose something that resembled a horse brush, it is small and comfortable for my hand to hold giving me full control.

Then there is a choice of bristle hardness. They have beginners through to advanced brushes. I went for a brush from Aromatherapy Associates with beginner bristles. 

Daily I body brush. Brushing up my legs in long strokes towards my heart.

Here are some of the benefits of body Brushing:

  1. It is a good wake up in the morning and is a great exfoliant.
  2. Promotes healthy skin circulation
  3. Cellulite reduction - The small amount of cellulite I have is improved and my bum looks tight and perky.
  4. It's also very cheap and takes only two minutes a day.
  5. It promotes the removal of dead skin cells.

Everyone, of course, reacts in different ways. I like it as it is fast and easy and a good way to wake up. Bending down low to my feet to brush also works as a stretch and it gets my body moving.  

Here are my tips for Body Brushing:

  • Brush starting at your feet in long brisk moments.
  • Brush towards the head to encourage the return of blood and stimulate lymphatic flow.
  • Dry brush prior to your shower or bath to help wake yourself up.
  • Wash your brush weekly with soap and water.
  • Pay particular attention to cellulite-prone areas i.e your thighs.

After a month you should notice a difference.

Bottom Line: find what works for you. Dry body brushing is not for everyone. I personally like dry brushing for the smoother skin and burst of energy, but give it a try and see what you think.

Have you ever dry brushed? Will you try it?


The Modern Girl