Tech Toys - The Latest in Tech I am Excited About


Moving into my new apartment has made me all about those tech items. It's not just the function when it comes to tech it is also about the look and the feel. One brand that has nailed this for me is Edifier.

Edifier is hitting NZ stores this year, and I have been trailing the Edifier’s RAVE MP700 Bluetooth speakers and so far so good. It isn't the type of tech you would take to the beach personally - but for around the home, it's ideal. You can take it from room to room, or out to the deck.  It is stylish, and that is what is a win for me. I have it sitting on my kitchen bench, and I wouldn't have it any other way. The striking aluminium grill design makes the MP700 durable while releasing my tunes with a rather decent clear sound. I love it. 

Regarding wearable tech, I am back to wearing my Apple Watch Sport. I took a big break from it to enjoy the Fitbit Alta HR, but now I'm taking a break and going back to the Apple. Why?  Well, I want to sleep with my hands-free, without any jewellery or watches. I also want to be a little more disconnected but still be connected. That makes zero sense, but it's a lot easier to look at a watch than a phone. I am tempted to go back to the Fitbit Flex. The gold bangle worked nicely for me, and I can add in the Apple Watch when I feel like it. Usually Monday - Thursday when I am at the office. 

I've recently reviewed the HP Sprocket, and well, although I have not owned it long I love it. You can read that blog here. I talk more about costs etc. 

Right now I am looking at options to help me save money on energy and water each month. It seems that the best way forward is Smart Home Technology. From Wi-Fi-connected heaters to wi-fi controlled light bulbs I want to try it all. Most importantly I am keen to collect tech products that connect to Apple's Home Kit.

To start small, I am about to order myself the Belkin WeMo Insight Switch and the Elgato Eve Energy Switch from the Apple store so I can do a comparison review. Mainly right now all I want to do is turn my electric blanket on before I drive home. 

Also on my tech list is the latest Google Chromecast Ultra, I previously struggled with steaming on a dodgy flat wifi and an old Chromecast but the most recent model, priced at $99.99 for a limited time comes with a built-in optional Ethernet adaptor to allow for faster load times. 

What do you love in the tech world right now? 

The Modern Girl