My Jewellery Journey - Treat Yourself With Michael Hill Jeweller


August is birthday month for me, turning the 29 and this year I wanted to treat myself. Michael Hill was a good place to start with a diverse range of pieces all at affordable prices. I have also shopped here in the past and know the items are quality. It was a no brainer. When Michael Hill asked me to share my jewelry story with you all, I couldn’t say “Yes” fast enough.

In Mexico this year,  I broke a necklace (Given to me by an ex), and it was meant to be. This necklace, I had been wearing it 24/7 for about eight years. It was a gold chain with a heart shaped pendant filled with diamonds. A lot of people commented on it, but It was time to move along as well.  But being necklace free wasn’t working well for me either.  

I was looking for an item that I wouldn’t want to take off, that I could wear to the gym, and sleep in. I know sleeping in your jewelry is not recommended but it's me, it’s what I do.  I also wanted gold. See I have always been a silver girl. I have silver bangles from when I was just four years of age, and I have a beautiful collection of silver items I just don't wear anymore.  My first love brought me gold when I was 17, with a card saying “The winner get’s gold and you’ve won my heart” we were not meant to be, but this was the start of my gold collection.  I mixed my silvers with my golds, and it worked. I was young and having fun. 

A few years later my great aunt passed away, and a collection of gold rings came my way. The most beautiful diamond rings I now don’t ever take off. So these rings, they took over. The one on my right hand is thanks to my Great Aunt and looks a little like an engagement ring; it likely was one, perhaps her first husband? The ring on the Left hand comes from my Grandmother, also passed and has three diamonds. I love them both, and I don' t take them off so now I wear gold only to complement them. 

Jewellery to me is sentimental which is why I consider items which will work in, will be timeless and have meaning behind them. When shopping with Michael Hill, the hardest part was picking which I liked most. I liked a lot of things, so I set out, and I made a shortlist.

Firstly I was taken by this Michael Hill Bar Necklace in 10ct Yellow Gold. Not only could I see it being timeless but also it could be ideal for layering. 

I also loved this Michael Hill Mini Star Necklace, but at 29, maybe not? 

I also toyed with this Michael Hill Pendant in 10 ct Yellow, white and rose gold. The idea is that it could work with my silver if I needed it to with the three intertwined rings of 10ct white, yellow and rose gold all looping together. 

Finally, I set sights on this baby. A Michael Hill Pendant with created Ruby and 10ct Yellow gold. I don't know what it was, or why the Ruby but it just caught my eye and no matter what I kept coming back to it. 

And I am in love. Thank you, Michael Hill for letting me share my story and pick out a birthday treat. 

The Modern Girl

Photos by Annupam.