New Zealand Fashion Week 2017 - What I Wore


At New Zealand Fashion Week for 2017, I decided to relax a little. I have been to NZFW for over 5 years now and I have also attended Australian Fashion week.  I remember the days where I used to do "Outfit changes" this year I kept it simple, working with what I had and keeping it comfortable.  I also remember the days of going and visiting Haley or finding a friend to take WIWT images. Luckily this year, and last year actually! I have my bestie who also happens to be one of NZ's best Fashion Photographers hang out with me! Anupam is amazing, and even though he was busy we managed to get a lunch and a dinner together. He also took me to some VIP spots for some images. I am a lucky girl.  

On the first day, I wore a very simple Supre skirt, a Glassons T and a belt from RUBY.  

Day two was cold, so cold and I didn't want to carry a jacket.  I popped on this wool anorak / Poncho by Dreams in Colour, I purchased when I lived in Sydney from a market place and was pleasantly surprised, people thought I was bold when really I was just keeping warm. 

Pictured below, I paired some Cotton On Jeans with a White T and my anorak. Standing strong in my Senso shoes. You don't have to spend alot of money to look good and feel good.  

Of course, I took a shot with Annupam. 

Finally, I rocked some jeans and my New Balance kicks. The latest and greatest in crisp clean white. On day four it was a smart choice! The New Balance 574 Sport where comfort and fashion combined. They were perfect. 


So this is what I wore, just being me, happy and comfortable. I hope you enjoyed it. 

The Modern Girl