My Favourite Apps I Use To Help Me Hustle


Right now the Hustle is strong with me right now. Leading into the second half of the year I have so much I wish to achieve and even more to get done. I wanted to share with you some of the apps I use to help me hustle. Habitify

Habitify is both a habit tracker and an accountable buddy that helps you form good habits while saving the most of your time. It is my newest and most used app.  Previously I have used Streak and other apps but Habitify is here to stay for me.

Habitify reminds me of my short-term goals (daily and weekly) and helps me work towards those long-term goals. My goals range from simple tasks such as “Take Vitamin C” and “Use Revitalash” though to “Gym 5 times a week”. It’s an app I open about three times a day but for me, it really works.

Google Tasks Do you ever wake up at night with a task, open up a note and write it down only to forget about it? Yeah me too! But Google tasks has solved this problem for me. I simply pop my task in Google Tasks and then when I open up my Gmail there it is, to the right, ready to be actioned. This has been a total time saver for me and eliminated random notes and double handling.

Apple Watch Activity This one seems silly but 9/10 it works. it is my Apple Watch Activity App and It's all about Closing those rings!  In fact, my goal for August is to close all my rings every day. The challenge will be real with a birthday and a bunch of weekends away but I will do my best.

The Apple Watch Activity app pairs with my apple watch and It keeps me going in small little ways by notifying me if I haven’t moved for the hour. I get up out of my desk and go for a spin. It tells me how I'm tracking for the day and I am paired with friends who support me but also kick my butt.


This is an app I use to record my workouts, the weights I lift and how often I train. I love Bodyspace because it is part of a bigger community, not just an app and each week it breaks it all down for you in an email recap. I have often shared this app on my Instagram Stories because I love being able to visualise which parts of my body I have worked.


I don’t use this app enough but have been making a mental note to use it more. Making sure I am using it means I am making the most of those savings and card points when out and about. I always get asked for my AA Smartfuel card for example and I never have it on me! So no more, I’ve uploaded all my shopping cards (not my credit cards) into Stocard and removed them from my wallet. Making my handbag lighter and my savings/points stacking up.

Okay, so there are my top apps! Do you have any apps you think I should try? Apps that support the hustle?

Hannah xx

Photo by Crew on Unsplash