Out Takes With Annupam - October


So you might have noticed but girls stepped her game up! The last wee while as seen a bit of soul searching but most importantly alot of self-love and growth. In the process, I have decided that I love The Modern Girl because she is me! She is relatable, not overly beautiful or skinny but beautifully average and I wouldn't change a thing.  I'm not trying to be a 'Model' like some people think, I am just doing me. I like to think I am real and honest with you all and hopefully empowering!  I have been working closely with photographer Annupam and some other awesome team members and it's been a process. I am learning to love myself like I said, and have fun. Each and every shoot I get better and better. It's crazy. Anupam and myself have so much fun that he even sends me those crazy outtakes or derps! I thought why not put those in the blog right! 








Enjoy x 

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl