‘Always by your side’ - Supré Foundation 2016, Helping Empower Girls


Youth fashion brand Supre has teamed up with the Graeme Dingle Foundation to launch the Supre Foundation in NZ and deliver youth development programs in local schools.  The dream of the Supre Foundation is to foster a world where all girls can achieve their dreams, where globally this generation and future generations of girls have access to all they need to fulfil their potential.

As it's such a good cause I decided to get involved and with the help of Annupam I took some photos. 


The vision of the Supre Foundation is to empower girls globally, in New Zealand this includes delivering Kiwi Can programs, a valuable youth development initiative to create a positive change for the next generation.

The partnership will offer valuable services to New Zealand youth, fostering a supportive world where they are empowered and all have the opportunity to achieve their dreams.


If you want to get involved it's easy! You can do so just by purchasing Supre Foundation products. This will  help to deliver these life changing programs, starting in the Papakura community, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Foundation.

So next time you're in Supre pick up a bottle of water or some mints because that money is helping empower girls in our own back yard. 

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl