Your Coachella Packing List Should Include These Seven Things


If you are reading this then YAY! You're most likely off to The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, or you are just excited for me and want to see what I'm packing (fair enough). Don't get too excited, though, I am a pretty practical modern girl.  Over the last month,  I have received message after message asking "What do I pack for Coachella" so here goes. Here are my top seven items I will be packing for Coachella. 

Hannah's Coachella Packing list

  1. Bandana  Don't underestimate the desert. At night, Coachella Valley turns into a bit of a sand storm. Protect your face and prevent yourself from inhaling dirt by bringing a bandana to wear around your nose and mouth. I promise you'll thank me! 
  2. Hand sanitizer - festivals usually equal portaloo's and Coachella is no different. 
  3. Mini Torch - because no one likes going to the toilet in the dark 
  4. Chapstick with SPF - Desert  + wind + sun + fun = chapped lips. Be smart, take a chapstick.
  5. Comfortable shoes - Yes I know all the celebrities are shown in sandals and heels but NO! Comfort is key, even my legs got sore in my Converse Chucks.  I have packed a pair of New Balance 24/7's 
  6. Backpack or Bumbag -  A tote or handbag will get annoying pretty quickly. Cross body bags or backpacks will be much easier to manage and less stressful to deal with. Generally, the easier it is to dance with, the better! I will be going handsfree with a Rebook Bumbag I purchased or my mini backpack. 
  7. Phone chargers. They DO have phone charging stations, but we brought our own portable phone charger to charge up instead of having to stand in the lines or stopping the fun


To follow all my Coachella adventures be sure to stay tuned on Instagram or Facebook. This will be my second trip to Coachella and I cannot wait.  

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