Review: The Fitbit Alta HR + How it Helped My Anxiety


The Fitbit Alta HR is the newest release from Fitbit and with it comes new technology. I have been using it for the last week and have noticed some surprising results.  It's taught me a few things about my body, my sleep patterns and most importantly to me my anxiety.  The Fitbit Alta HR is different from the previous Fitbit Alta. Powerful sleep-tracking, 7-day battery life, and a heart rate sensor make Fitbit's latest fitness band practically perfect.  I'm surprised to even hear myself say this. 

Personally, I am a fan of the Fitbit Flex after previously owning the original Fitbit Alta. Why did I move from the Fitbit Alta to the Fitbit flex? Well, fashion. I compromised the screen from the Alta for the sleek accessories of the Fitbit Flex. The ability to wear my gold bangle which hid my Fitbit Flex. I could go from the gym to the office, feeling great and still tracking my fitness. 

The Fitbit Alta HR, however, has transformed me yet again. 

With the addition of the heart rate monitor in the Fitbit Alta HR I have seen huge changes in the way I train and the way I monitor my body. 

I train smarter, not harder:

The Fitbit App, takes the data from the Fitbit Alta HR and shows my Heart Rate, both resting and working. It shows me when I am in a fat burning range and when I am doing Cardio. 

I have an ability when on the 'Cardio' machine to not, do cardio. Sure the bike would tell me my heart rate but I did not know what this meant for me. This week I have sat on the bike, had the Fitbit app open and ensured that little heart would show me I was in the 'Cardio heart rate zone'.

The result a workout that was more intense, without wasting my time. 

Burning Fat with HIIT Workouts: 

When lifting weights I was easily able to check my heart rate with the flick of a wrist. I had my Fitbit Alta HR set up to show me my Heart Rate under the time.  At the moment I am wanting to lose weight so have been incorporating High-intensity interval training (HIIT) movements between sets to keep the heart rate up and therefore my body in a fat burning state for longer. The Heart rate monitor on the Fitbit Alta HR not only kept me in check, but it pushed me.  It made my workouts more effective. 

It helped me with my anxiety: 

As an anxiety sufferer (I take medication) I am very aware of my moods, my processes and so forth. The Fitbit Alta HR showed me some peaks - again with the Heart Rate monitor which made me more aware of the triggers of anxiety and what calms me down also. 

Sleek design so still fashionable: 

It's clear to me that the heart rate monitor on The Fitbit Alta HR has been a personal game changer so what sets the Fitbit Alta HR apart? The design. 

The smaller size not only makes it more fashionable but it also is easier to sleep in and get that sleep tracking stats through the Fitbit app. It is comfortable yet effective.  You can also purchase Interchangeable Bands. Tailor your look with interchangeable bands in leather, metal and classic styles. I am keen to get myself a leather band, in either the deep gray or the lavender color, something more natural, closer to my skin tone. 

SO, will I go back to my Fitbit Flex? Maybe, sometimes, but for now the Fitbit Alta HR is my favorite fitness tracker on the market. The best type of fitness tracker is one you will actually wear and for me the Fitbit Alta HR ticks all the boxes and priced at $269.95NZD I feel it is well worth the money. 

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