Pia x Stylist Stephanie Bellamy - 4 Styling Tips I learn't from Stylist Stephanie Bellamy


At 29, I am still learning my body, navigating what works and what doesn't and I have a long journey ahead. Spending time with a Stylist was a first for me as I joined stylist Stephanie Bellamy around Pia Boutique.  A personal stylist is a person who typically advises individuals on, for example, new fashion trends, clothing styles, and colours and Stephanie did just that for me.

I took away a lot from our session and I thought it was only fair I share her wisdom! Here are some tricks I learnt from Stephanie -

1. Have someone take a photo Stephanie took photos of every dress I tried on so just like Tinder, all I had to do was swipe back and forth to see what was working. 

2. Know your body type And know it can change! I am an hourglass shape, Stephanie confirmed that too me, however, if I was to pop on weight I could quickly become a strawberry.  Steph did a great blog post here on body shapes, but for me, it was about understanding my body. I know my boobs and booty are in-line, and I like to pull in my waist as much as I can. So this being the case, this is how I should dress. 

3. Colours. Know what colours work for you and embrace them.  Stephanie identified a colour palette for me. Hard at first as It is not the colours I love, however when I see images of me now wearing these colours I see what Stephanie was meaning. 

4. Black is not that flattering  Have your seasonal colour palette identified because there's only one seasonal colour palette that can wear black and unfortunately, the minority of the western world falls into this palette. The Winter palette. Therefore it is likely that black is going to drain your complexion and age you. Not ideal. 

Overall the experience was terrific, and I cannot wait to show you more of what I did pick out at Pia Boutique.  Massive hint it was the Lola Dress! And I am obsessed. 

The Modern Girl