Xero Taking Pilates to New Heights + I Share My Business Story


Pilates was taken to new heights with Xero and MatWorks yesterday and I was invited along to join in. Literally….Xero, in collaboration with MatWorks hosted an early morning pilates session on the SkyWalk of the tallest tower in the southern hemisphere, the Sky Tower. MatWorks brings pilates to people wherever they want it – at work, at home, or up the Sky Tower – making exercise and wellness accessible.

Phoebe Heyhoe founded MatWorks in 2014, with the aim of getting rid of the excuses people make about not doing exercise, and making pilates more accessible to the Auckland community. Of course, as the company grew so did the accounts – “I was having a nightmare every year when it came to doing tax returns,” she says.  

I can relate! I never really thought about it until recently, around what life would be like without having Xero by my side to run my business?

When I first started dealing with invoices (and forgetting them) it became clear I needed a system. I asked around, I tried another app but ultimately my dad was right. Spend the money, use Xero.

I’m a Xero customer and I love it. Xero has enabled me to quickly see my incomings and outgoings, and if I need to pull details about invoices/payments and my business on the go, all the information is right there!

Sometimes I’m on Xero logging quotes for work as I return from a client meeting. It’s fast, easy and also ensures I don’t forget the agreed costs or to charge them.

I won’t beat around the bush in saying income tax last year was a nightmare for me too! I even got a good old late fee! But because of Xero, I was able to invite my father, a financial adviser and my accountant into my accounts so we could all view the same numbers. Everything was tracked and clear, no messy spreadsheets, no lost cells just a clean and simple interface.

In fact, I love Xero so much that I was looking for a personal budgeting system which did the same. If it could allow me to reconcile all personal purchases, match them up, see money coming in and going out to like I do with Xero.

As for the Pilates and 192 meters above Auckland City! AMAZING. 

The Modern Girl