Nike Free TR5 Trainers - Review


You know when you get a new pair of shoes and you have to put them on straight away; Then you have the phase where you wear them for the first time outside and are terrified! Well, this was me and my new Nike Free TR5 Shoes. Shoes so beautiful I didn’t want to take them off or get them dirty. After attending the Nike Training Club my motivation was at an all time high. I have also started hitting the gym again thanks to my new addiction to the N+TC App. I like to mix up my shoes dependent on my workout for example I like to use my Nike Lunarglide’s when I’m hitting the pavement, but more recently as I have been running less and using the N+TC App more I needed a shoe to fit my needs.

You might call me crazy, or simply think I’m looking for another reason to add to my Nike collection but I’m seriously not. I’m looking after my body to get the most out of my workout.

Training shoes such as the Nike Free  TR5 are built to protect your feet across the demands of a gym, high intensity or studio workout. Moves such as box jumps, sprints and burpees demand even distribution of weight on the feet while running shoes focus more on the heel to toe movement and weight hitting the heel first.

The Nike Free TR5 has the lightness of my Lunarglide+ but with added support making it the perfect shoe for Nike Training Club or when using the N+TC App.


I got these shoes on a rest day and was dying to try them out so I hit the gym later at night. I do love with Nike that I can pretty much do a workout straight out of the box.

To test the shoes I did a bit of cross training, I started with the “Tabata Toned Workout” on the N+TC app doing lunges, planks, squats and more. I then moved to do some fast sprints to get the heart up and then took on another workout on the app this time the “AB Burner” Workout.

I really mixed it up to work these shoes – even hopping on some weights too as I tested that grip!

To get more technical The Nike Free TR 5 incorporates hexagonal flex grooves in the Nike Free 5.0 platform. The grooves allow the shoe to flex in multiple directions and enable the athlete’s natural motion. The outsole also features rubber pods strategically placed in key wear zones to provide traction and durability which was key for those burpees.

The other important thing to mention, in case you missed it, is that these shoes look awesome. I am very much in love!

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What kind of trainers do you like to work out in? Do you mix it up like me? 

The Modern Girl