Review - Tan Babe Tanning Products


I'm summer dreaming, working on my bikini body and well, we all know nothing feels as good as a fresh tan. last year I was hitting up my fave tan artist fortnightly but this year, being on a budget and wanting to keep the tan consistent I decided to check out some of the tanning products on the market. Tan Babe I stumbled across on Instagram and they really stood out to me. Tan Babe is a brand new range of all-natural, vegan and organic tanning care products. They promise no staining of clothes and sheets, no stickiness and no smell. - Kinda sounds like a dream to me.

The other thing that attracted me was the one hour wash off time. I hate that "I've just had a spray tan and cannot wait to shower" look, not to mention the smell. Using the Tan Babe Instant Tanning Mousse, for a light tan 45 minutes is suggested and then 60-80 minutes for a medium to dark tan. Basically for me it means I can get home, shower, apply Tan Babe, blog and then shower it off. Sounds like a dream right?

To apply the tan was easier than I thought. I pumped it on to the mitt and applied. For the first time ever I actually tanned my full body and decided to do my face too. Never have I ever! The product however was amaze. It glided on and spread beautifully. It has no smell and actually was dry in a minute. Normally I sit on a towel while I do the waiting time but with Tan Babe I was able to chuck on shorts and a Tee and get stuff done. I am actually concerned I might forget to wash it off.

So after an hour and a half I washed my tan off (I remembered) and hit bed. I woke up with a beautiful tan.

I am beyond impressed. I even felt the need to message them and tell them this product was a winner.

Now I am looking babe'n in my Tan Babe.

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl