Revitanail Challenge - Four Weeks To Stronger, Longer Nails - A Beauty Review


Revitanail invited me to take part in a four-week challenge. The challenge using only two Revitanail products, the Revitanail Nail Strengthener and the Revitanail Nourishing Oil is said to repair, nourish and strengthen nails.  I put it to the test.  My nails are short and weak. My hormones have been wack, so I'm not going to lie, but Revitanail had its work cut out for it! 

The Products: 

The Revitanail Nail Strengthener is the number one nail treatment product in NZ pharmacies.  It's enriched with calcium to strengthen and protect damaged nails.  The Revitanail Nourishing Oil repairs nails using a blend of nourishing oils, herbal extracts and multi-vitamins. It contains a UV inhibitor to protect nails from harsh sunlight.  Vitamin A & E hydrate nails and cuticles and bring them back to life.

The Challenge: 

Week One: To start the week off and the challenge I trimmed my nails and got the nails tidy. The easiest part was applying the Revitanail Nail Strengthener, not only did this make my nails glossy but it dried quickly. The Revitanail Nourishing Oil application was a little patchy as I worked to find a good routine. I tried keeping it in my bathroom, on my coffee table and in the car (true story!) in the end the bedroom worked best. 

Week Two: As my nails started to grow I noticed the whites getting whiter. This would be the work of the Revitanail Nail Strengthener and the calcium. What surprised me was how quickly I saw changes. 

Week Three: Near the end of week three I was super tempted on week three to cut my nails. I'm, not a fan of them long because they break but in this case, I was surprised by a few factors. One - they had grown so quick, trim at the end of week three!!!! and two they were stronger, although one did break we are only on week three. I was also in a routine and started to use Revitanail Nourishing Oil on my toes as well. 

Week Four: The challenge is almost over, and when I took on this challenge I expected growth and strength but what is blowing me away is the extent to which I see changes. The products are also great to use. No icky smells or colours. My nails look tidier and photo ready without any polish applied. 

The Result: 10/10. I didn't expect to like the products this much. They will now stay within my routine, and my journey with Revitanail will continue. My nail beds and cuticles look healthier, I feel more confident and healthy with them, and they are stronger. I am going to see if I can get them to a length I love and have a manicure. 

Tips for applying: 

I apply mine at night time. With both products in my bedside table. I apply the Revitanail Nail Strengthener on a Thursday night usually when I tan and mask. And the Revitanail Nourishing Oil every night. 

Have you tried Revitanail and will you take on the 4-week challenge? 

The Modern Girl