Seven Things That Happen When You're Brows Are On Fleek


This week I've got my second session of brow feathering at H&CO and it has been LIFE CHANGING! You can read all about my first session here. My new brows have been so life changing that I can rattle off a list of all the surprising changes. Here are seven things that happen when you're brows are like mine, basically perfect:

  1. You can scratch your brows without panic. The number of times I have itched my brows and panicked that I have screwed up my makeup only to remember I don't have makeup on them is astonishing. This is a daily occurrence.
  2. My morning routine is wayyyy faster Because I have brows that are "I woke up like dis" friendly I don't have to worry about brow pencils, gels and the like. If I'm in a rush or don't want to put in any extra effort I don't have to.
  3. I feel amazing at the gym, or the middle of the night because my brows are perfect

    Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 7.04.56 pm

  4. I have to use the #nomakeup hashtag on my snapchats when I don't have makeup on because I look that good. #nokidding 
  5. I can skip past the parts where the girl does her brows in YouTube Videos  This feels soooo good.
  6. I have more time on the weekends... Because I am not running of to get my brows tinted every two weeks.
  7. My friends are all pretty jealous  Don't be like my friends haha. Make sure you book in because it's been LIFE CHANGING.

If you want brows on fleek 24/7 I would get booking sooner than later! I booked in at H&CO and highly recommend them. Hayley and Rebecca are awesome!

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl