This $8 Shampoo Transformed My Hair In One Wash


Every now and then you come across these products that blow you out of the water. Products that a better than you expected. For me, this speaks true with Revitalash and a certain Maybelline mascara - you all know the one. When you find them they are gold and you wonder why you didn't discover them earlier. My latest find is in the hair care department. A shampoo and conditioner that has transformed my hair basically overnight, well really in one wash. I have been struggling with my hair. It is thin, damaged from my holiday and in need of some love. I want to colour it, I want my extensions back, the works but first I needed to start with the root of the problem. My haircare system. When L'Oreal asked me to try out their L'Oréal Paris' Total Repair 5 Shampoo and Conditioner I wasn't going to say no. The restoring shampoo promised to solve 5 problems. 5 problems I needed help with AND it was affordable so I had nothing to lose.

What I didn't expect? For it to be so darn good. After the first wash with the three step system, I noticed a dramatic change. Shine and smoothness were key. Something I usually see if I am too heavy on the conditioner, however, this wasn't the case with the L'Oréal Paris' Total Repair 5 Shampoo and Conditioner, this time, the shine and smoothness came without the added weight, My hair was still light and full of volume.

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Three days of daily use (yes I wash my hair daily) I noticed an improvement overall in the ends and less flyaways when my hair get's pulled back into it's ponytail for the gym. It was less fluffy and I didn't look like I had just fallen out of bed. My ponytail was sleek and styled. I couldn't ask for more from a 5am hairdo.

The real moment of truth came on day six. On day six I hit the gym and then washed my hair with my travel shampoo and conditioner. It lives in my gym bag and I didn't even think to swap it out, after all, it's just a shampoo and conditioner, right? right? .... Nope - the result? my hair was lackluster and at that moment I realised to the fullest extent that the L'Oréal Paris' Total Repair 5 Shampoo and Conditioner was my new fave.

Enriched with Pro-Keratin and Ceramide, L’Oréal Paris ELVIVE Total Repair 5 Restoring Shampoo leaves hair feeling stronger, looking fuller, looking revitalised, silkier to touch and with a healthier shine.

What was even better about this product was it provided results I would expect from a high-end brand at a reasonable price. At Farmers the shampoo usually retails for $7.99 however, is currently on special.

The bottom line is this: Don't believe you have to drop all your rent money on a good shampoo and conditioner. A completely transformative duo awaits for less than $15 and you can even afford to buy a second set for your gym bag too!

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl