I Know I'm Not The Only One


When it comes to flirting I assume far too much. I assume that the man will sneak into a conversation somewhere the words girlfriend if he has one right? Right? Apprently I'm wrong. Apprently I have to ask "do you have a girlfriend?" Somewhere early on in the piece before my heart gets broken.

I've been sulking this weekend. Basically had this mega crush on this guy. We talked daily, flirted, touched and I would call him sexy but kinda figured out he had a girlfriend.  AND THIS ISNT THE FIRST TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME.

Firstly I was embrassed.

I also felt stink. I really really liked this guy and for me that's pretty rare but I was also annoyed at him.

He had such a good heart but maybe that's where I went wrong.

Why didn't he say something so I could flick my heart switch off and friend zone the man?

Why did this man want to be such close friends with me anyways?  Or maybe that was normal for him and I just wasn't used to it.

I am pretty confused AND have ALL the questions. (As you can tell)

So I texted my other male friends for advice (Ones I don't see a romantic future with but still have a soft spot for them) and well the answers varied.

- One friend suggested he was a dick and liked the attention.

- Another suggested that people are just insecure.

- the third suggested that maybe he really liked me and didn't want to hurt my feelings (too late for that Mr.)

I questioned if this was my fault. Maybe I should have asked him outright before I caught *feelings*

So the takeaway on this one - don't lose focus on you and don't assume anything.

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl

Image by Abigail Keenan