Six Things to Consider When Kitting Out Your Smart Home


A Smart home is the use of wi-fi enabled smart devices and products and connecting them to your home wi-fi network. Once a device is connected to your wi-fi, you can access and control it remotely via an app on your smartphone or tablet thus making it smart. This makes it possible to control your home lighting, security, and appliances from anywhere in the world over the internet.  Okay, so you've read my blog post, My Smart Home - Why I Am Making The Change To Smart Home Appliances and have decided you too want to make the change. 

Before you rush in there are a few things to consider -

Picking the right products and brands.

This may be the hardest thing to consider when purchasing smart home products so I decided to focus on one item first. That being lighting.  When it comes to lighting there are a few brands on the market but for me it was the Philips Hue which ticked all the boxes. But with each device there are options, so explore those options and what works well for you. 

Consider Apple HomeKit or unique apps.

If you have an Apple phone you may have noticed the app 'Home'. This is one central app on the Apple device that holds all the apps that are compatible with HomeKit and Apple devices. Of course, all the smart home products also have their own apps. 

I have an Apple iPhone so for me, this was a consideration. The idea of having it all under one app seemed 'smart'.  If you are like me then this might help narrow down choices when it comes to selecting brands. 

Start Small. 

My plan of attack was to start small where I could. The Tile Mate at only $44.99 was my first purchase. You attach or stick the tile to wherever you want it, link it up to your phone over Wi-Fi and constantly keep track of your items. One year later and although I never lost my wallet I am glad I had it. I could't live without it. 

The D-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug is also another simple purchase to make if you are not sure you want to commit. You might even just want to purchase one plug to turn your electric blanket on or off. 

Even the Philips Hue also comes in a starter kit with the Bridge and three bulbs. Perfect if you just want to test it out although I do believe only having one room setup could get really annoying. 

Know your home, and your lifestyle. 

All of these toys are pretty awesome but it might pay to know your home before walking into Noel Leeming. I, for example, know that my apartment has 21 Edison Screw light bulbs currently and ideally I would love 4 smart plugs - for the electric blanket, my two bedside table lamps, and my floor lamp. 

I also want the Swann Home Series Garage Parking Sensor, but I had to consider the fact I live in an apartment and someone might steal my sensor so I don't want to spend too much money on it. Luckily this one is just $39.99

Think about what you want to achieve and the best products for you. , lso consider how this set up will look and work in a years time. 

Shop around for the best price. 

This goes without saying. For me I am using Noel Leeming, it has a Price Promise and funnily enough, they are cheaper than Apple especially went it comes to the Philips Hue Bulbs. Plus I trust them.  Moving towards a smart home is an investment so it makes sense to find somewhere that can get you sorted at a good price. 

Consider getting help.

For $149 someone at Noel Leeming can come and set up your devices and chat you through how it all works, not only will this save you time but you will get the most out of your devices. 

Oh, I cannot wait for my Smart Home journey to level up. 

The Modern Girl