Small Changes for my Big FITNESS Goals


I have some big goals this year, and this year I am chasing them with both hands wide open. No excuses, it's my time. Here are some of the things I have been doing this year to help me reach my goals. 

  1. Mixing It Up With A New Gym - I was getting a wee stale, so I decided to try out a new gym. Next Gen Auckland Domain is right now the road from me and has some amazing facilities, so I decided to give it ago. It is amazing what a new environment can do! I started the month off strong going almost every day, and I noticed I was spending more time at the gym which was a plus. Next Gen is super high tech and more of what I call a 'lifestyle club' It is relaxed, but the hustle is still on when I hit the treadmill. You can make an inquiry here about joining. Plus, if you join by the 28th of February 2017 you can enjoy the flexibility of a low commitment membership at no extra cost, but I know after 12 weeks you won't want to leave! 
  2.  Meal Prep Sundays - "A Sunday well spent brings a week of content" You know all those quotes. Well, making sure I am organised on a Sunday is one small act which has been helping me clean up my act! I have also been spending my Thursdays making sure my laundry is done, and I have fresh workout gear for the week following.  
  3.  Making My Lifestyle More Active - It's not just about the gym life, I have been working on making my lifestyle overall more active. My weekends have involved hiking, biking and thanks to Next Gen I have been playing tennis and hitting the swimming pool. It all adds up.
  4. Gym Dates - Yes! It works honestly. I have started training on the weekends with my man, and he has been teaching me new tricks. He also knows my goals in depth so when we go out he keeps me in check when he keeps himself in check. He still got me chocolates for Valentine's day, but we will let that slide.  
  5. Treats in the form of fitness gear - Now when I treat myself it's with workout gear! I just got myself some new New Balance digs, and I will be racing off tonight to the gym (Next Gen) to test it all out. 

What are your goals this year and what changes are you making to reach your fitness goals? 

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