#WCW With Libby Angus


True story but I have been following Libby for quite a while now, a good year! I have been lucky enough to meet this chick a number of times and I love her. Her confidence, her happiness, and her dedication. She's the complete package. I wanted to share her on The Modern Girl as my #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) so I asked her a few questions.  Libby is an NZIFBB Bikini Athlete and like myself she is also a boss babe, working in the social media and website design space. She recently brought out her ebook - The Bikini Body which I can say is SUPER AWESOME. This is a girl to watch! 

How did you get into bodybuilding and what drove you to compete in your very first IFBB competition

After losing a lot of weight at the start of my fitness journey, I began looking for something more to achieve. I was so happy to finally get my body back after going on an alcohol and McDonalds diet (we all do it) but no that fitness had become a part of my lifestyle, I needed a new goal. After talking with my partner (who is also my trainer) we decided to work towards a bikini competition. It was relatively new at that stage and the competitions were small, so I thought this would be a good goal to work towards. 1 year after setting that goal I stood on stage, it was an amazing feeling getting up there after months of hard work and hours in the gym (and the kitchen). I was hooked from then on and now I’m 5 weeks out from my 7th competition in just under 4 years!

What does a normal week for Libby look like? I try and balance my work/play life. Although I work from myself and could do it from home, I make sure I get to the office by 10am every weekday to treat it as a normal job so I can be as efficient with my time as possible. By 5pm I am ready for the gym and to sweat out any stresses I might have- it's a treat! While working out I also make sure I VLOG for my youtube channel and post on social media. This can sometimes be hard as it can turn into ‘work’ so not overdoing it is important as the gym is my ‘me time’ After my early morning Saturday HIIT session, it's time to wind down. I won’t train again until Monday so I make the most of the next couple of days. Andrew and I usually take the dogs for a walk to the beach, maybe play a round of golf (it's actually very fun) and enjoy a yummy cheat meal on Saturday night!

What motivates you? My supporters. On days where I want to stay stuck on the couch, I read through messages and comments from those that follow me on social media and it immediately lights my fire! Knowing that others are motivated by me gives that little ‘kick’ I need to ensure I don’t let them down.

Favorite workout song during prep? Anything upbeat and fun! Sometimes prep can be tiring and deflating so I like to pop on some old school Justin Timberlake to put me in a good mood.. “Señorita, I feel for youuuuuuu”

Favorite snack and/or product? Favorite snack is definitely thin rice cakes with marmite and avocado. Also, my must-have product on prep is the Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy. I love it because it makes water delicious, gives me an energy kick and helps my sore muscles recover faster!

Favorite Fit Girl must have? lululemon tights. Every girl who exercises NEEDS a pair. My two favorite kinds are the align pant (soft and warm) and the high times pant in luxtreme (silky and sweat wicking) and don’t forget to get them high waisted

What is next for Libby? I’ve been asking myself this a lot lately and I finally figured it out. I'm bring out a series of my latest Ebook ‘THE Bikini Body 8 Week Training Program’ to allow women from all over the world access to my style of training. Also focusing on my YouTube channel to show others what my health and fitness lifestyle is like and how you can make it fit your own lifestyle!

Libby you are amazing! Thanks babes! 

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Photos by Annupam