Take Charge - A lunchtime Workout You Can Try


Looking after yourself is a pretty good investment into your future. The small things all add up and it is easy to let healthy living take the back seat sometimes. For me my social life takes over and i'm often hitting the hay late and not getting up in the morning for a workout. I'm taking charge of my life and have recently been taking time in my lunch break to get a workout in and stretch my body out. Luckily for me I work in a fairly active office and always have someone on hand to help point out my shocking squat technique. For my lunch time workout I have allowed 30 minutes. This workout can be done in an empty boardroom, lunch room or outdoors, even at home - get to know your surroundings and take advantage of the tools around you.

It is a circuit workout so repeat as many times as desired and it is full body. The repetitions are guidelines and what I workout at. If the workout is challenging consider dropping them back. Finding 20 lunges too easy? then increase these reps and check your form.

Start with a quick activation, stretch your arms, loosen the legs, stretch your next side to side to loosen it.

1. Lunges 20 reps

These are great to tone the legs and activate the glutes. Keeping your upper body straight, shoulders back with your core engaged step forward with one leg lowering your hips  until both your knees are bent. This should mean that your front leg - knee to ankle is parallel to the floor without touching.  Keep the weight in your heels as you push back up to the starting position. Repeat swaping legs each time.

2. Squats 20 reps

A body weighted squat will help tone the glutes.

This post was inspired by Sovereign and #lifetakecharge

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl